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Akdeniz Mah. Necati Bey. No:6 Konak
Uz Plaza
35210 IZMIR


The journey of TAMIS has begun with its tailor-made shirts for men in 1943 in Leblebici Han, Izmir and it has been an on-going tradition from generation to generation embracing the same values and purposes, constantly focusing on principles of growing further and becoming an internationally respected brand. The business model is mainly based on wholesale distribution but there are also two existing, rather symbolic retail shops owned by the company, which were opened in 1963 and 1976, operating since then for individual demand. In the following years, UZTEX joined the business as a sister company in order to manage all kinds of operations connected to exportation, which started in 1978 and currently shares 50% of the whole production capacity. TAMIS & UZTEX holds title for being the oldest registered long-sleeve shirt producer in Turkey and therefore, in 1989 the quality standards of a sample shirt was assessed by its recognition after receiving a request from Turkish Standards Institution.

The product range is mainly specialized in classic and casual shirts, polo’s and t- shirts. In addition to this, the company is also capable of supplying all kinds of knitwear including sweaters, blouses, cardigans and trousers. The annual production capacity in house is 400.000 pieces of shirts, polo’s and t-shirts together.

Today, UZTEX celebrates its 75th anniversary and it is proud to share this honor of being one of the most long-established and reputable companies in Turkey that carries deep-rooted traditions and values.

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